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Kofee by GoodCook - Goodcook Koffe makes craft brewing easy at home. Whatever your preferred style, be your own barista and enjoy a better cup of coffee.
GoodCook Koffe Coursely Grind, Pour and Press with our Coffee Presses


Coarsely Grind, Pour & Press

Get coffee house taste with the most popular easiest ways to brew.

Black Coffee Press 8cup / Insulated SS Coffee Press 8cup

GoodCook Koffe Coarsely Grind, Fill and Brew with our Cold Brew 1.5L


Coarsely Grind, Fill & Brew

Makes a smooth, less acidic coffee as it brews overnight in your refrigerator.

Cold Brew 1.5L

GoodCook Koffe Grind Medium-fine, Pour and enjoy using our Auto Drip Pourover


Grind Medium-fine, Pour & enjoy

Pourover made simple, but still to exacting gourmet coffee standards.

Auto Drip Pourover

GoodCook Koffe Grind Medium-fine, Perk and Pour with our Moka Pot


Grind Medium-fine, Perk & Pour

Drink rich and bold Italian espresso, right from your stovetop.

3cup Moka Pot

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