7 Creative Ways to Use a Veggie Peeler

You know that humble vegetable peeler you’ve been using for years, dutifully shaving the outer layer off potatoes, carrots, and winter squash? It’s actually quite a handy little kitchen tool, ready to tackle kitchen tasks you would’ve never dreamed of. We’re seriously stunned, and hope you will be too. We’ve rounded up 7 creative ways to use a vegetable peeler, and we’re pretty sure you’ll never look at a vegetable peeler the same way again. Ready, set, peel away!

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1. Create Curly Ribbons

It’s all about the garnish on this Strawberry Rhubarb Pitcher Cocktail. Get your vegetable peeler out to produce curly ribbons of farm fresh rhubarb. The drink’s pretty tasty too, but this garnish promises to get your drink noticed!

2. Remove Seeds from Spicy Peppers

Remove the spicy seeds in jalapeño and serrano chili by slicing off the top, then running a vegetable peeler around the middle. So easy, and you’ll keep the spiciest parts away from sensitive mouths. Give it a try on this Mini Jalapeno Popper Pretzel Pizza recipe, which uses store-bought dough to get your poppers on the table quick!

3. Hull Strawberries

Hull your strawberries with the pointy end of a vegetable peeler. It totally works, and you won’t waste precious fruit that would normally be cut off with a regular knife. Use your peeler to hull strawberries for this Grilled Watermelon Pizza, a perfect dessert on a hot summer night.

4. Create a Cute Centerpiece

Peel and carve watermelon rind with a vegetable peeler – perfect for a stunning edible centerpiece. We have our heart set on this Watermelon Baby Goat to delight at birthday parties and baby showers.

5. Shave Parmesan Gourmet Style

Use your vegetable peeler for parmesan cheese shavings, which instantly add a gourmet touch to your meal. We love a big, warm bowl of this Chicken Shiitake Couscous Risotto, topped with shaved parmesan and fried sage. Gourmet comfort food the healthy way.

6. DIY Chocolate Shavings

Need chocolate shavings? Your vegetable peeler to the rescue! These easy-to-assemble Sugar Cookie Truffle Cups easily come together with sugar cookie mix, and are topped with creamy filling and indulgent chocolate shavings. A handy way to serve dessert.

7. Shave Thin Onion Slices

Use your vegetable peeler to shave thin slices of onion. It makes quick work of this unpleasant task. When we’re talking about a Creamy Italian Sub Salad, a few minutes of prep is totally worth it!

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