You’re constantly on the move: from multitasking at work to making that early-morning run happen every day (except sometimes not on Mondays. Because Mondays.) Living on the go doesn’t mean sacrificing style or quality, so when it comes to enjoying good coffee, great food, or even a bottle of wine— you need tools that can do it all. Enter GoBottles, the perfect accessory for a busy lifestyle. Want to make the most of your new GoBottle? Stay hydrated, caffeinated, and ready to go anywhere with these clever tips

1. Get motivated to drink your 8 glasses a day.

GoBottles Flippin’ Lockin’ Lid and permanent markers: an unexpected match made in goal-setting heaven. Use a marker to map out your hydration schedule and congratulate yourself each time you stop to refill. Need to reschedule? Use rubbing alcohol or hairspray to remove the marker and start again.

2. Keep your water bottle fresh and odorless.

Want another bedtime hack for keeping your GoBottle looking (and smelling) great? Fill bottles with water, throw in a pack of denture tablets, and let the resulting fizz do the heavy scrubbing while you snooze. Rinse off everything in the morning, and you’re good to go. Think of it like brushing your teeth, but for your water bottle (who probably doesn’t want morning breath either.)

3. Keep it Sanitized:

What’s the first step to achieving that water-bottle life? Keeping everything sparkly, sanitized, and ready for action. Before bed, fill your favorite GoBottle with vinegar and let it soak overnight. In the morning, wash with soap and warm water, rinse, and feel confident starting each day with a practically brand- new bottle.

4. Make Coffee Straight into Your Thermos.


Coffee. All day every day. And now, with the help of our GoBottle Fuel Tumbler, you can make delicious coffee just about anywhere. Use a pour over right on top of your thermos, add a paper towel filter and your favorite grounds, and you’re just one pot of hot water away from coffee bliss. Even better news? Your brew will stay warm to the very last drop in our insulated tumblers. 

5. Tote soup right to work in your thermos.

Skip the leaky Tupperware and use our travel tumblers instead. The double-wall design keeps soup tasting like it’s just off the stove, letting you minimize dishes and maximize lunchtime efficiency. 

6. Give GoBottle as a Gift.

What’s a better gift than a good bottle of wine? A good bottle of wine that can go anywhere. Our GoBottle stainless steel stemless glasses mean happy hour can be an outdoor movie in the park or the perfect addition to s’mores by the campfire. Add some decorative stickers for a personalized touch that make these GoBottles even more special.

Wherever you go, there’s a GoBottle that can make your trip better. From your morning run to your afternoon coffee-break, even finding the perfect wedding gift for the couple that has everything, it’s always more than just a water-bottle. 

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