There’s nothing quite like a good pasta dish— whatever the noodle, a meal made with our favorite carb is always satisfying, flavorful, and easy for everyone in the family to enjoy. No wonder pasta is a dinnertime favorite, whether you’re a master chef or a novice cook, everyone loves a pantry staple that pairs well with just about anything, is budget-friendly, and makes for delicious leftovers the next day.

We want to make cooking with pasta even better, which is why we’ve gathered our favorite noodle-based dinners, all with an added bonus: each recipe only requires 5 ingredients (plus a few kitchen staples!) so you can make an irresistible dinner faster than you can stream an episode of your favorite sitcom. Enjoy!

1. 5-Ingredient Basil Chicken and Pasta

The Fab Five: You’ll need butter, chicken breasts, half and half, pasta, and fresh basil.

Basil makes everything better, and this recipe makes the most of its fresh flavor. Perfect for mixing up your usual dinner rotation, this is one meal everyone in the family is guaranteed to love. And while you can always add your favorite seasonings to spice things up, we think the simple version is pretty perfect. GET THE RECIPE

2. Cheese Ravioli with Homemade Tomato Sauce:

The Fab Five:  Cherry tomatoes, basil, cheese ravioli, parmesan, and butter.

The secret to this recipe is the brown butter tomato sauce, it’s a simple way to add some seriously gourmet flavor to your meal!  Add in the cheesy ravioli and you’ve made an absolutely perfect pasta dish. GET THE RECIPE

3. Spaghettini with Mushrooms, Garlic, and Oil

The Fab Five: Olive oil, garlic cloves, mushrooms, spaghettini (or any) pasta, parsley.

A perfectly simple pasta recipe that’s made great with the addition of perfectly sautéed mushrooms. It’s also ready to go from pout to table in under 15 minutes, which makes it the perfect last-minute meal for hectic weeknights. (Hey, weeknights can still be hectic even if you’ve spent the day at home…)

4. One-Pot Pasta: Sausage Beer Mac

The Fab Five: Pasta (any type,) pre-cooked sausage, cheese (whatever is on hand,) diced tomatoes, and beer (or chicken stock if you’re not a beer fan.)

Time for some serious comfort food, and that means taking a childhood classic and making it decidedly grown-up and definitely indulgent. Finding yourself in need of a little more time for self-care? This recipe is another one-pot wonder, so you can enjoy some after-dinner down-time without waking up to a sink full of dishes the next day. So grab your ingredients, download a new book to your Kindle, and get Netflix ready to stream, it’s time to make this dream dinner a reality!

5. 5-Ingredient Simple Green Pasta Salad

The Fab Five: Pasta, green beans, spinach, parmesan cheese, lemon juice.

Get your servings of leafy-greens with this simple-but-tasty pasta salad recipe that’s perfect for lunch or dinner. Enjoy it out on the back patio when the weather cooperates, or alongside your favorite dessert after a busy day working from home. 

6. Creamy Chicken Taco Alfredo

The Fab Five: Chicken, taco seasoning, heavy cream, diced tomatoes & green chilies, and Mexican cheese blend.

Creamy Alfredo mixed with your favorite taco flavors for a dinner everyone will love. This 5-ingredient recipe comes together in just one pot, making the clean up almost a quick as it took getting dinner on the table. GET THE RECIPE

7. Spinach-Parmesan Pasta

The Fab Five: Linguine, garlic, spinach, parmesan, and butter.

One of our dinnertime favorites! We love the cheesy goodness of parmesan against the zing of the arugula, and you can’t grow wrong with a recipe that calls for “as much garlic as you can take.” (There’s also lots of suggestions for substitutions if one of the ingredients isn’t a favorite at your house.) Most importantly, it’s another quick and easy recipe that yields delicious results every time. GET THE RECIPE

The best part of these 5-ingredient pasta recipes?

The versatility! It’s easy to mix and match ingredients to make something completely personalized and entirely satisfying. Consider adding your favorite protein to some of the meatless recipes, or a handful of broccoli for added veggies. However you make them, these recipes are great for helping you use up what you’ve already got in the kitchen. And that saves you from taking extra trips to the grocery store, keeping you and your loved ones safe, happy, and healthy at home. 

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